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HMRC launches Charities Digital Service

20th April 2015

Charities can now register their details online with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The digital service allows new charities to register their details with HMRC for tax purposes. It has in-built checks and guidance to help organisations provide the right information and supporting documentation so HMRC can confirm their tax status.

HMRC’s Chief Digital and Information Officer, Mark Dearnley, said:

We are completely changing the way we work with our customers – including charities. Our new digital services are straightforward, easy to use and convenient.

The charities service minimises the risk of making mistakes so applications are less likely to be returned to the organisation.

There are currently 15,500 new charity registrations per annum.

The new service, and information about registering a charity’s details, can be found here.

( – 16 Feb 2015)

Charity Commission Interim Manager appointment

23rd March 2014

Helen Harvie, in her role as Charity Consultant to Barlow Robbins LLP is appointed by the Charity Commission as Interim Manager to Kingsway International Christian Centre…

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SROI NETWORK launch new website to aid social value commissioning

22nd March 2014

The Social Value Act 2012, which was executed on 8 March 2012, has been established to focus and encourage commissioners to consider social value in commissioning decisions. [read more…]

The Charity Commission has delayed the conversion of companies into CIOs

19th March 2014

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) legal form grants an organisation the benefits of charitable status and also confers limited liability and legal personality but is not required to register with Companies House or comply with company law.

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The Charity Tax Group raise concerns about proposed Laws relating to ‘tax-avoidance charities’…

17th March 2014

The Charity Tax Group (CTG) has suggested that there could be ‘unintended negative implications” for the wider charity sector of the proposed changes to the law to prevent charities being established to avoid tax.

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